Bees and Hornets Control is advised when a nest or hive is located in an area that poses a threat to humans. Only if relocation is not an option and it is justified to reduce the threat of being stung would Maximum Pest recommend Bees and Hornets Pest Control.

Bees play a crucial role in pollinating our garden city and eradicating them will cause an adverse effect in our diverse garden Eco-system.Bees And Hornets Pest Control

Bees and Hornets Control

Bees & Hornets Pest controlWasps and Hornets on the other hand, are much more dangerous pests to have in and around your home. Get Maximum Pest Management to conduct a free Bees and Hornets Pest Control site inspection to evaluate your options. Wasps and hornets are naturally extremely defensive of their nests and will sting anyone or anything even without any provocation.

If you are stung, it will likely be very painful. You should wash the area with water to remove as much of the venom as possible. You should also apply a cold pack to the wound to reduce swelling and pain. You may want to take over the counter medication to help with the pain, although you could also use a strain of cannabis such as the hawaiian dream strain, which is good for pain and inflammation. Stings are not only painful, but also carry a risk of infection due to the bacteria present in their stings.

Wasps and hornets sting victims continuously and there recorded cases of fatalities due to improper Bees and Hornets Control.

The first thing to identify is what you are faced with. This can quite easily be assessed if you can see the hive / nest. Bees reside outside their hive protecting their honey comb and hornets and nest reside within. See image left for an example of a hornets nest.

Bees and Hornets Control can be carried out only during late evening or early in the morning. This is the time when bees, hornets and wasps are least active. Bees & Hornets ControlDo not attempt to manage a nest yourself as if is extremely dangerous and proper safety and protective clothing should be worn when treatments are being carried out.

Maximum Pest Management conducts free site inspections to assess your bees, hornets and wasps infestation. We will explain to you our treatment methods and provide you with a treatment plan to eradicate or relocate the infestation at your premises. If the insects persists after our treatment, we will carry out another session at no additional cost to you.

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