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Maximum Pest Management’s technicians are meticulous and detailed in carrying out pest control services. Construction sites are no different, applying these principles to the work sites would only result in lesser fines during NEA inspections.

Having a weekly schedule for mosquitoes is a requirement by Building & Construction Authority in Singapore during the entire building process. Conducting soil treatment for new construction is also a mandatory requirement. If soil treatment is done right, it should deter subterranean termite intrusion for up to 10 years.

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Our Mission

To be the number one pest control company in Singapore and your last pest control service provider.
Quality Service
Going above and beyond to solve your pest issues. Quick and reliable service, to solve your pest infestations.
Customer service and experience is at the top of our core values, you will receive stellar quality from the moment you get in touch with us.
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Our Philosophy

Providing quality customer service and experience from day one has helped Maximum Pest Management grow year by year. With our steadfast beliefs in stellar service coupled with solving the infestation and adpoting our “Love The One You’re With” philosophy, we have been able to gain numerous refferal clients and almost 100% renewals year on year.

Keeping up with the lastest technologies, using new chemicals that may become available and continually learning are key elements giving us the edge over our much larger competitors. Further to this we employ an array of managment standards to ensure that our clients’ receive the best service possible. You can have a Peace Of Mind when it comes to pests.

Company Overview

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Quality Service


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We Know Our Stuff.

Despite technicians being NEA licenced, our in-house on the job training extends well beyond what they learn in the classroom. The “Maximum Service Standard” ensures that each and every of our technicians meet the service and quality benchmark we set.


Only the best gets hired, we have a rigorous recruitment process to ensure our technicians meet the highest standards we expect to provide our clients. Being well spoken and experienced is our number one priority. Our clients can have a peace of mind as they know that the technician performing the services is going to be the cream of the crop. These same hiring principles are applied to the back-end prioritizing a local workforce.


Though all technicians are NEA certified and licenced, we spend numerous hours on training. Every new hire goes through MaxPest tenician induction training forllowed by being attached with a MaxPest Technician to adopt the Maximum Pest culture and only after being competent will the new hire be able to perform services for our clients.

Solving The Problem

The buck stops with us. Your pest problem becomes ours to deal with. What good would it be if you have hired a Pest Control Company and there still are pests? We have surprised many clients with our results and we deliver results. Common pests can be eradicated, by employing the right techniques coupled with the knowledge and know how, you can have a pest free environment.