Ants Pest Control

Having ants pest control is very common in Singapore. Though they can be a nuisance within the home, they perform many ecological roles that are beneficial to humans. One of the key roles they play include the suppression of pest populations and aeration of the soil.

Aeration of the soil, is to perforate soil with tiny holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This helps roots grow deeper to produce much stronger terrain. They also aid hugely in housekeeping by removing any food debris and insect carcasses within the home and garden.


Ants are present throughout the year. An Ant Nest is feeds 24 hours seven days a week. During rainy season, just like termites they produce alates to form new nests. They do this so as to not go extinct. Ants can nest within the garden soil or even in homes. Tiny cracks in floor or wall tiles, crevices of wooden door frames and fixtures are conducive nesting locations.

Depending on the type of ants infesting your premises treatment will vary.ants Some ants have a water/ sugar based diet and others have a solid/ protein based diet. The first thing you have to determine when trying to get rid of ants is to identify the type that you’re dealing with. Only after that can you employ the right type of treatment to eradicate them. Maximum Pest offers a free site inspection where we will assess the infestation and explain our treatment methods. Usually for a heavy infestation level, up to three sessions may be required to bring them under control.

Off the shelve pesticides might work temporarily but most common ants will very quickly grow a resistance to them. Contact Maximum Pest for a free site visit and get your ants pest control. Find more information about ants here.

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