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Pest Control In Singapore that has received 5 star rating from most clients. If 5 star pest control service is what you are looking for, schedule a free consultation.


With so many Pest Control companies in Singapore, selecting one can be a daunting task. We conduct pest control service for most sectors in Singapore. Arrange for a site visit at a time of your convenience.


Offering a no-obligations site inspection, sometimes what you may need, might not even be pest control. Let us advice you no matter what pest it might be. Book An Appointment Now


No one property is a same. We will be doing you a disservice if we provide you a quotation without seeing your premises first. We also need to be 100% certain that we can eradicate and solve your pest infestation. Priding ourselves with stellar customer service, site inspections are scheduled promptly. Our phones never go unanswered too. Our quick response, clear explanations and reliable service has been appreciated regularly.


The first step is a detailed meticulous inspection. This normally takes 30 mins to an hour to determine the extent of the pest infestation. We will then tailor a pest control program to eradicate the infestation. As much as possible, we will also try to meet your budget.


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Maximum Pest Google Reviews

Zinesh GavinZinesh Gavin
08:29 15 Jan 24
Been using Chris's / Maximumpest's services for all my tenancy units and i cant say more about the level of service Maximumpest provides.From a detailed explanation of pests/problem , to treatments options and programs . They know what they are doing. They have gotten rid of unwanted pests like termites, cockroaches, rodents, ants , snakes, and more.Your issue will be solved with a treatment program tailored to your problem!Give them a call!
Celin BayCelin Bay
02:31 30 Sep 23
I would recommend using Maximum Pest Management. I find them very competent and skilful. Treatment package reasonable & afforable. They were very fast and responsive. I made the call 4.30pm yesterday Friday and got appointment quite fast. They came Saturday 10am on time.I was worried about termite problem. Chris was very helpful and professional when he inspect my house and check the bedrooms and wood skirting in living room very thoroughly. He assured me was not termite problem but I had ants problem and gave few suggestions for solution and a reasonable affordable treatment package for year to consider. Chris didn't charge me for onsite inspection.
ZJ KhanZJ Khan
14:55 15 Aug 23
Kai ZKKai ZK
11:45 05 Jul 23
Hi. I just want to tell you that my house always got lizards apparently. Within just these 2 months from June 2023 to July 2023 alone, We already caught 3 lizards in our house. I don't understand why my house always got lizards nowadays?
Catherine LimCatherine Lim
02:16 14 Apr 23
Maximum Pest Control is very responsive and accurate with their service and assessment. Their fees are reasonable and we will always call them should we encounter any pest issues at our residential and office.
Nitin MahajanNitin Mahajan
04:43 03 Apr 23
Chris was responsive and professional.He made a good judgement call based on photos we sent and still came over to have a look.Sincere and will definitely use in future
Jaynice XJaynice X
08:54 25 Mar 23
They are a referral by my colleague who has recently engaged their service. I decided to reach out to them for advice on a specific insect nuisance. They first offered me a free consultation via onsite inspection. I thought i would save them the trip by sending a picture of the insects instead. Their responses were exceptionally prompt and helpful - i was given detailed advice on ways to get rid of the insects thoroughly. Would recommend them for their great and professional service if anyone ever needs any pest control services.
Yee Sian ChenYee Sian Chen
01:39 05 Aug 22
I have been a client since 2017 and am very happy with their service. Izhar is always on time and thorough in their inspection. Also gives good advice on how to prevent pest manifestation, even on pests other than ants and cockroaches.
Victor TesnièreVictor Tesnière
11:20 04 Aug 22
Great service, fast and professional. Izhar is very nice, meticulous, and efficient. I highly recommend Maximum Pest!
Betty LowBetty Low
02:47 10 Jul 22
Chris is extremely helpful and responsive to my request . I called him on 1 Jan 2022 when I discovered termites trial in one of my bedrooms. He came down the very next morning - which was actually a Sunday! His presence had calmed my anxiety instantaneously. Chris is very knowledgeable . He explained every detail he knows about termites (a very good teacher indeed ☺️) to me and asked his staff to attempt to my room swiftly the same week.Throughout the entire treatment, Chris is patience and very responsive whenever I have any questions. His staff is very friendly too !I will strongly recommend you to engage Maximum Pest Management if you need the pest control service .A very satisfied customer 👍👍
Grace SoeGrace Soe
15:32 04 Jul 22
We engaged Chris for a cockroach infestation issue at my parents' place back in 2016. Chris helped us resolve the issue effectively and in a cost efficient manner. We are happy to report that that the problem never recurred again.Recently Chris came to inspect a possible termite issue at my place. He came on the next working day after I called and did a through inspection of the area and surrounding area before concluding that it wasn't a termite or pest issue. He refused to accept any payment for this inspection and did not try to hard-sell any treatments.In such a competitive market, we are very impressed with Chris's professionalism, honesty and sincerity in helping us solve our issues.
K LimK Lim
12:36 13 Apr 22
Found Maximum Pest Management via online search, decided to contact them for termite infestation in our kitchen cupboard given the good reviews.I went into their website late last night and booked an appointment for early morning (thinking that the appointment would not be today). To my surprise, I received a call early morning to arrange for inspection today.Chris arrived on time within the given timeframe. He inspected my cupboard and checked the “evidence” we had. Chris was very professional, explained what he observed, what could be happening and provided us with his advice accordingly.As we had earlier contacted another pest control company (which assisted to put some pesticides but with little advice otherwise) and that there seem to be no active activity in the cupboard, we are advised not to do anything except to change the cupboard. Chris also gave us very good advice on how to “capture/kill” the termites that are flying out from the cupboard without spraying insecticides which would further disturb them. We tried the method and found it very useful.After the visit, Chris followed up with a summary of the visit for our record. Above all, the inspection was not chargeable, which is greatly appreciated.Extremely thankful for Chris’ advice as well as the information he sent across after the visit. Highly recommended for anyone who needs help for the pest infestation issues. 👍
Gopinath RGopinath R
14:49 07 Mar 22
Really professional.Suspected some bug presence in our place and contacted them for consultation. Prompt response from the customer support. Chris was very professional and patient in explaining things to us and helped us sort out our issue. He arrived on time in spite of heavy rain and On top of all he didn’t charge us for the inspection, even though we offered. Really professional service and would strongly recommend them for pest control service anywhere.
KZ GweeKZ Gwee
03:47 11 Jan 22
2nd experience w/ Maxpest. Very honest, professional bunch.
Lokita XuanLokita Xuan
12:41 13 Dec 21
I had a pleasant experience with Maximum Pest control. Mark came to inspect the place and he was very professional in explaining. Next, the guy who came for the treatment work, was nice, friendly and professional. He checked all areas of the house patiently. My questions on WhatsApp and in person were all answered well. Thank you
Freddie YapFreddie Yap
05:26 14 Sep 21
We thought we had a pest problem and Chris came to do an inspection for us. He was early and ended up waiting for quite a while until I got there. He was professional and we found out we don't have an issue after all. I really wanted to pay for his time and expertise but he kept refusing even though I insisted. Thank you so much for your help Chris! Will definitely recommend Maximum to others.
Samuel XiaoSamuel Xiao
07:16 13 Jul 21
Would like to thank Izhar for an honest and genuine inspection of my place. The appointment was arranged very quickly the day before and he came punctually too. Gave practical advice on my rubbish chute issue and even did a check around the rest of the house too. Thank you! ??
Charles RajCharles Raj
04:33 03 Jun 21
Definitely 5 stars for Chris' inspection - very knowledable.Quick turnaround of an appointment as well.Thanks !!
Gracelin ChanGracelin Chan
12:34 15 May 21
I got servicing for booklice, I ordered 1 set treatment and 1 follow up. The staff that arranged for my treatment was prompt and friendly on Whatsapp, and also gave a free consultation to assess the situation before the treatment. The pest control staff that came down to my flat were all very professional and knowledgeable. They don't try to up-sell any extra stuff, and even gave me advice on how to avoid such situations in future. 10/10!!!
Agnes TanAgnes Tan
10:00 10 May 21
We have have engaged Maximum Pest Control team to eliminate the roaches infestation in our unit. It was recommended by a neighbour.The consultant assigned to my unit is Izhar, he is very meticulous and has done a great job for my unit. He is very detailed and explained each step that he is doing and how it can clear out the roaches. His service is highly recommended!
Ly SoLy So
11:00 26 Mar 21
How do you not be super impressed by a company's owner who came to assess your bed bug infestation condition, took a video of it, and when you ended up not using the company, the owner still does not hesitate to help you? That is Chris of Maximum Pest Management! I sued my ex tenant for causing bed bug infestation in my property who chose to run away when approached to pay for the pest control cost, Chris came to my help to testify the onset of infestation. Although now it is too early to know what the judge would decide, I am so so so appreciative of Chris coming out to do this for me. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who has any pest issue, perhaps would even recommend this sweet man, if he is single, to any woman looking to marry a great man, haha, I think I am right?! 😉
Last month, I contacted Chris from Maximum Pest Management to check out on the termite infestation in my parents’ garden. He came within 24 hours and did a thorough no-obligationinspection of the garden and house to ascertain the extend of the infestation. He patiently explained the issue to me and my dad and suggested an effective solution. On the same day, he submitted a competitive quotation. I was impressed by his prompt and good service.
Henry BehHenry Beh
02:24 21 Jan 21
Excellent service by Chris! Called Maximum Pest immediately when i saw a big bee hive on my aircon ledge.Chris gave his professional advice and offer solution.This is the company that i will turn to and be assured that everything will be well taken care of. Thank u Chris!
I Know Chris for a few years already. Unlike other pest control company just wanted to make some money by killing anything, Chris will find way to do thing environmentally friendly. Chris always approached me to help his client for any bees related matter as he know bees is not a pest and he does not want to kill such a wonderful insects. In return, I will also recommend Max Pest to my client who mistaken wasps or hornet as bees. If you have any problem with mosquito, rodent, mite, or other pest related problem do look for someone who really care for the environment and people. This is Xavier, the Singapore beekeeper. For bee related issue please call me at 91474065, Nutrinest.
Wei Chun LimWei Chun Lim
07:17 21 Dec 20
Awesome service. Highly recommended.
Goh YuweiGoh Yuwei
16:14 19 Nov 20
I have read several positive Google reviews, so I decided to contact Maximum Pest Control for a free inspection as I am troubled with the pests I have been facing lately. But I'm extremely disappointed with the service given, everything was done super quickly and they didn't even bother to do a thorough check of my room. Well, it is free so I don’t expect much.*In more detailed on the service*I was not at home so my mother was the one handling it. The technician is unable to find the Booklice in my room just by looking through one side of the wall. (which is impossible because I can see more than 10 everyday).This shows that they didn’t even bother to search for it. So my mother decided to show them the photos that I took. The technician identified that it is a German Cockroach (also impossible because I sent the photos to other Pest control companies and they said it is indeed Booklice.) Already engage with another Pest control company to solve this issue.
Eric kohEric koh
10:12 18 Sep 20
Maximum Pest team is very professional and super responsive. If you need to get rid of pest found, don't wait, call them immediately.
Suzanne LilleySuzanne Lilley
06:48 13 Aug 20
I found this company via Google search and have been thoroughly impressed with their standard of service. Upon finding cockroaches I was horrified (my pet hate!). I called Esther and the team who managed to arrange an inspection at incredibly short notice.Esther attended and was very thorough and informative throughout. She shared with me observations and thoughts on the problem and we agreed an annual programme. Given the infestation I needed a repeat visit two weeks later and thereafter they have continued to visit (on 3rd visit now!) to eradicate the problem. I find every single one of the team a delight to deal with, and on updating on recurrence I am contacted within an hour often with a visit booked the very next day. I cannot commend this company enough. Of all the service providers I have dealt with in 3 years in Singapore this has to be the absolute most outstanding! Thank you Esther and the team and keep up the amazing work!!Gratefully yours - Suzanne!
Kristy SongKristy Song
09:37 24 Mar 20
We were looking for a new pest control company, and came across Maximum Pest. They were hired based on professionalism and promptness of response, from the site inspection, quotation, to scheduling first session and a report log emailed to us after the work is done. A company that's capable and efficient in pest-killing as with E-mails and responses is hard to come by. Definitely recommended !
Allen PuaAllen Pua
14:24 11 Feb 20
Chris attended to my response in the middle of night and he managed to help me diagnosed the pest that was giving me a headache. I'm very impress with his knowledge and professional approach in handling pest.His service has far exceeded my expectations and he even helped me to draft an official report to send to my landlord. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chris again for his help!
Melanie YoungMelanie Young
12:19 01 Jan 20
I am leaving a positive testimonial for Maximum Pest Management. We hire them four weeks ago because of our pest problem at home. After they did their magic, our abode is now pest-free. We can sleep better. Thank you.
Melvin GohMelvin Goh
03:09 05 Nov 19
Appreciate Christ for his advice and knowledge on the dry wood termite . I highly recommend him if anyone require pest control. Thanks!
Deepa LukeDeepa Luke
00:08 04 Nov 19
Chris is a complete professional and knowledgeable about pests and bugs. He was flexible enough to come and do an inspection on a Sunday evening as I was quite disturbed seeing a pest. Chris did a thorough inspection of my home and advised in the way forward as there were no traces of an infestation. The company seems to have ethical practices - Chris did not capitalise on the anxiety of the customer to push a package but instead advised on a sensible approach. Chris also declined to accept money for the first visit. I will not hesitate to use the services of the company.
Linda TanLinda Tan
15:05 21 Oct 19
I would like to write a positive review for Chris and the company. Chris was very helpful and responsive when I contacted him about an unknown bug found in my house. He came down and inspected my house very thoroughly for more than an hour. He effectively identified the bug as booklice and provided recommendations on how to get rid of it. At the end of the inspection he did not charge us for it nor was he pushy for us to pay for his services. He is a helpful and kind man, he carried out his job responsibly. I would highly recommend him to any friends and relatives if they need help with pest control at home. Keep up the good job!
kwee horng fookwee horng foo
04:10 24 Jun 19
Came home after a long trip to find termite trails. Chris responded within an hour and was meticulous in his checking. Very reassuring and since no activity, he refused payment and this is the second time he has done that! A big thank you! Highly recommended!