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Keeping Your Home Pest Free This Holiday Season

4 Simple Steps For A Pest Free Environment

Mouse Red ShirtThough Christmas & New Year is season for giving, pests do not need any gifts. Many homeowners find at this time of year that their meticulously strung Christmas lights have been gnawed through by hungry rats, ruining the festive spirit. Some even find that their whole electrical panel has been chewed to pieces, meaning not only the Christmas tree has gone dark but also the oven isn’t going to be roasting any parsnips any time soon. When this happens, you need someone like Maximum Pest Managemnet.

Be sure to remember these four following steps to ensure your home remains pest-free this holiday season. You have kept your home free of pest all year round so don’t drop the ball now. Almost all pest intrusion occurs due to improper waste management. However, if you feel as though you have dropped the ball and your house is becoming rife with different pests, then it could be time to look around for reliable pest control company. Make sure to carry on reading through these tips to help prevent any unwanted pests too!

Step 1 – Food Waste

Whether you are cooking up a storm or catering a feast fit for kings. Be sure to not leave leftover food overnight. Be sure to discard all unwanted food promptly. Tie up all food waste in large garbage bags and ensure your trash can is tightly closed. If your bin is located outside your premises; be sure to check that there aren’t any holes in the bins. Rats are notorious for going through your garbage before the garbage collector.

Step 2 – Food Storage

It’s time to get your takeaway containers and storage containers out from your top shelf. Be sure to store all leftover food in sealed containers and best minimise your food waste – giving your guests a doggy bag will reduce the amount of food you will need to throw out. Having easy access to food will most certainly attract pests such as roof rats, sewer rats and even moles into your premises. You could engage Maximum Pest Management, to get rid of these rodents.

Step 3 – Closing Doors

You might be having an open house and I am sure that does not include rats, ants, or other pesky pests. These uninvited guests take any openings as an invitation. Doors and gaps coupled with a gourmet spread will 100% attract pests into your property. Be sure to keep an eye on open doors, best to not leave them unattended. Practice closing doors and not leaving them perpetually open, this goes for window too. Conduct a brief walk around, if there broom stock, cables etc. leading from the ground to window – remove them. Rats can climb with ease any material laid against walls to openings be it a small gap or an open window.

Step 4 – Wash Dishes

We all have been guilty of this. Not washing dishes is a really bad idea. Not only will you attract pests, but it also becomes a tad bit more difficult to get food debris off completely. Strategise a game plan, play a game or simply arrow some of your guests. Not all of us are blessed with a dishwasher. Make it a group activity – so long as you finish washing everything, it will be one less thing you have the following day.

Though the holiday season can be fun and exciting, don’t let Pests ruin your holidays this joyous season. Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year from all of us here at Maximum Pest Management.

Chrishen Sithu