Scorpion Pest ControlScorpion pest control is not very common here in Singapore. Scorpions feed on small insects, lizards and also small mammals such as mice. They require a damp and dark environment to harbour during the day. The best remedy for scorpion infestation is to remove any potential harborage areas. Basements, storage areas and pool deckings would be ideal places to monitor, if you suspect a scorpion infestation on your property. Fix any leaking pipes and prevent any water ponding to deter Scorpions.


Scorpion Pest Control

Homes closer to nature reserves and forested areas are more prone to attract scorpions. Removing harborage areas coupled with eliminating their food source with regular residential pest control services should deter any scorpion activity.

The first thing you have to determine when trying to get rid of scorpions is to identify any harborage points. Scorpion pest control treatment would entail residual spraying of the surrounding grounds of your premises amongst other efforts on the general  pest control program.

Scorpions are feared for being venomous and deadly. Though the do possess venom, their sting normally only results in swelling and pain. Only a few species of scorpions are actually deadly to humans. In fact, most species are generally harmless to people unless they have an allergic reaction to scorpion venom. None the less, when you spot a scorpion, do not attempt to catch it but instead, get a professional opinion.

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