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Spider Pest ControlSpider pest control can be very rare as spiders usually don’t take over homes as often as other pests. Plus, most of the time you don’t need to worry about spiders because they are usually harmless. Their diet consists of small insects, other spiders and practically any other prey that they can subdue. Though some species of spiders are small, they may occasionally subdue a prey larger than them. Spiders breakdown their prey with enzymes in their saliva to consume.

Though most spiders hunt their prey, many construct elaborate webs to trap their prey. It is an efficient method of gathering food. However, constructing the web is an energetically costly process because of the large amount of protein required, in the form of silk. In addition, after some time the silk will lose its effectiveness at capturing prey. It is common for spiders to eat their own web daily to recoup some of the energy used in spinning.


Spiders tend to enter home through any opening in your home. They are also known to be brought into your home when garden furniture or outdoor items are taken indoors. They also may gain entry through delivered boxes or bags. If you have a spider infestation your best bet would be to eradicate their food source by engaging a proper pest control maintenance program for your premises.

Though off the shelve pesticides might work temporarily most common pests will quickly grow a resistance to pesticides. Contact Maximum Pest Management, for a free site visit for a detailed explanation and suggestions to eradicate pests at your premises.

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