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Termite Control In Singapore

Termite Control In Singapore with Maximum Pest Management. The first step to termite control is to identify the type of termites that has infested your premises.

Most commonly in Singapore we have two types of termites. The first is drywood termites. These termites will leave droppings (Small wooden balls or pallets). If you have a drywood termite infestation, the only way to eradicate them is by conducting termite fumigation. In Singapore, we do not practice this. Fumigation is only conducted at the premises of the fumigation companies.

It is only carried out in enclosed shipping containers, vessels and warehouses. There are only a handful of companies in Singapore with a valid fumigation licence. Most cases of drywood termites are reported in door frames or built in carpentry. For these items, it will not be logistically possible to remove and place them in fumigation chambers. The cost of removing items, transporting them to the fumigation company will not make much financial sense. It will be much more economical to replace the affected items.

Drywood termites gain access to properties via alates (winged reproductiles). Their role is to seek out a suitable location to start an infestation. Unfortunately these locations tend to end up being in our homes. Alates, fly in through an open window or crawl into our homes, shed their wings and take up residency in our carpentry. To deter them, you can install insect screens and dust stoppers (under doors).  
Termite Control In SingaporeThe next type of termites common in Singapore are Subterranean Termites. As its name suggests, these type of termites originate from the ground. They form their nests deep underground and find their way into our homes through structural walls, electrical or pluming conduits. Subterranean termites will create mud tubing to gain access to various parts of our property once they have found a way into our homes.

For these types of termites, the best known treatment is to utilise baiting method. Baiting is a process whereby termites feed on the installed baits abandoning any other wooden fixtures withing the household. This process can take up to four months to complete, depending on the size of the nest.

Baiting is 100% effective against subterranean termites. Maximum Pest Management, offers a one year warranty for termite treatment.


Chrishen Sithu