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During these tough times the biggest worry on everyone’s mind is how will things look after the Covid-19 circuit breaker period is over. What happens after the lock down is lifted?

Maximum Pest is set to keep your mind at ease. We have been providing homes, offices, child-care centers and schools our anti-bacteria fumigation treatment. It eliminates 99.999% of all known germs and bacteria. All known pathogens are eradicated with our sanitisation treatment. This includes Covid-19, meaning that returning to the office is safer than ever. This may be something employers wish to convey in their COVID-19 Return to Office Memo to reassure their staff that the office environment is safe.

We have had some office clients carry out the treatment once a year as a standard practice. We also have numerous childcare centers conducting it weekly. Of course these childcare centers have never had a single case of HFMD. We have also seen some childcare centers take a reactive action, scrambling to take action after a case of HFMD occurs. Which school of thought do you belong to? A preventive one or a reactive one? 

Furthermore, it is no secret that certain populations, such as those living with a disability, may be impacted more significantly by COVID-19. Older people seem to be at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 if they have serious underlying chronic medical conditions like chronic lung disease, a serious heart condition, or a weakened immune system.

Needless to say, if you or someone you know in your workplace has a disability, then taking extra precautions will be crucial to keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Whichever school of thought you belong to, we are here to provide our services. Personally for me, I always take a preventive measure than a reactive one. Our sanitisation program is conducted in my home and our technician’s home to keep everyone at home safe and healthy during these troubled times. We never can be too careful when it comes to safety and we encourage all homes to take additional steps to safeguard your loved ones. You may follow NEA recommendation for this. 

Covid-19 strikes the elderly harder than it does the young. Be sure to maintain not only a safe distancing measure when your outdoors but also maintain safety measures when you reach home. Sanitise and disinfect play items and surfaces regularly.


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