Flies Control In Singapore is not an easy task, many homes and f&b outlets are plagued with fly infestations. Flies infestation poses a serious risk to health and may significant damage your brand. Unfortunately, flies are attracted to conditions found in restaurants, where they can do the most damage. Flies are known to carry numerous diseases, including tuberculosis, typhoid and cholera. Flies feed on decaying organic waste, and then transfer pathogens from their feet to human food and food preparation surfaces.

Sanitation is crucial in preventing flies from infesting a restaurant kitchen. Keep trash pails, drains and drain traps clean. Counter spaces and chopping blocks should be wiped down regularly. All food should remain refrigerated when it is not being used. Keep doors and windows closed as much as possible to prevent fly entry. Installing insect screens and air curtains may also help to prevent and minimise your fly infestation.

Flies Control In Singapore

Flies Pest Control

Maximum Pest Management conducts free site inspections to assess your premises for the most effective flies pest control methods. We will assess your premises and provide you with a flies pest control treatment plan to minimise and or eradicate the flies infestation at your premises. Sometimes your premises may have fly traps that might be working against you, attracting flies into your premises. Whatever the case may be, we are here to help solve your pest issue.

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