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Pest Control In Singapore

Pest Control In Singapore - 5 Steps to hiring the right one.

1) Reliable Pest Control In Singapore

Do a quick background check. Make sure the pest control company is a registered vector control company registered with the National Environmental Agency in Singapore. You will be able to find all registered companies on NEA’s website under listed vector control companies in Singapore. There are over 400 companies registered in Singapore. Maximum Pest is listed at No 278 as of December 2022. To find a reliable one, you can search on google for Singapore pest control reviews.
Pest Control In Singapore

2) Trained Technicians

Making sure technicians are trained can be a little bit tough. Though all pest control technicians need to go through and pass a mandatory certification and licensing which is conducted by The Institute Of Technical Education on behalf of National Environmental Agency. On the ground experience is crucial to solving any pest situation.

You can read about the various companies protocols on their websites. Maximum Pest has a few key strategies to make sure technicians are creme of the crop. Our interview process followed by a 6 Months attachment with a senior tech ensures any new hire is 100% ready.

3) Using the Right Products

Without the right tools and chemicals, solving a problem is going to take longer than it needs to or might be impossible. Maximum Pest has systems to regularly rotate chemical usages to prevent pest from growing resistance. Technicians are equipped with an array of pesticides and equipment to handle all jobs. All vehicles are stocked and ready for jobs.

We pay a lot of attention to saving the environment too. We make it a point to use water-based and green marked products as much as possible. Though these can usually be more expensive, it is a small part we play to save our environment. Moreover, we find that these products have lesser odours which are safer to for commercial pest control and residential pest control.

4) Cost Savings

When you pay peanuts you usually get monkeys. So when a quotation is very low you should be wary. Maximum Pest does not go into price wars as it is usually a battle we will lose. Instead of reducing our rates, we increase our service quality. Most people don’t mind paying a few extra dollars for the quality they are sure to receive. Our phones get answered quickly and we treat every caller and job with an utmost urgency, no matter how trivial the problem may seem.

5) Available to Serve Your Needs

Getting through to someone in times of need is very important. Pick up the phone and call a few pest control companies. Strike off the ones that don’t answer. Get quotes from the ones that do.

With Maximum Pest there are numerous ways to get to us. Our simple booking app ensures a tentative appointment and you’re certain to receive a call for confirmation. You can also call us 24 hours. You can drop us an email or even use our built-in messaging system.

Hope these tips will help you to find the right pest control company. If you have any questions or need a second opinion or quotation, we are glad to help.

Call us to arrange a site visit or use our booking app now.

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